Tangle 21


I am somewhere
I assume
but it definitively is not here.


Tangle 02



I see how fast you run
Leaving all the light behind
Your strides are weak and broken
Slower takes more strength

Tangle 01

I’ve started something called Zentangle. It’s a meditative art form using repetitive patterns and emphasizing an unscripted creative process. Or something.

I bought a starter kit at Michael’s (because fuck you, Hobby Lobby) and created my first piece today.

I found it stressful rather than meditative, because I like to know how to do all the things perfectly on my very first time, and not having a vision or goal is contrary to my normal creative method. I think this is a good thing; it forced me out of my comfort zones and made me face those control and insecurity demons. Huzzah!

Here’s my first tangle and a poem about the experience.

There is peace in repetition
monks scrubbing ancient floors
for the silence not the shine
but I just want to clear the mud
from this heavy filthy heart