Sometimes, people want to post or print things I wrote. Here is a list of those times, and links where available.


Butcher’s Goodbye, Explanations for Silence, The Secret Life of a Secret Collector, The Persistent Appeal of Synchronized Drowning, Repetitive Motion Injuries, and Rape Poem #3 – Menacing Hedge (forthcoming, July 2015)
Body CartographyRogue Agent, Issue 2
Amelia Earhart Leaves her Husbandcahoodaloodaling, Issue 16
Rebirth in Room 406Stirring: A Literary Collection, Issue 17:4
Words Dance
Love Song for Recovering Codependent – Scissors & Spackle, Issue 13
On Learning the Jorōgumo has a Boyfriend While I Do Not – Free Monster Poems about Monsters
Bleach: An ExtrapolationMelancholy Hyperbole
UnabashedMelancholy Hyperbole


The Broet Problem: A Meditation on the Kelley/Quaint Controversy on The Sundress Blog
No Way to Disengage: Themes of Engagement in The Remains of the Day and The Quiet American – Indiana University South Bend Undergraduate Research Journal, 2014
The Blood is the Life: How Bram Stoker’s Dracula Puts Life Back in Women’s Hands – New Views on Gender, 2012


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