Disappointment, College-Style

Last night marked the last day of my first semester of my second attempt at earning at least one college degree.

For many college students, the end of the spring semester is met with jubilation, as it marks the beginning of a summer of freedom.  Since I’m taking classes through the summer, the end of the term wasn’t met with the rush of adrenaline usually experienced upon one’s release into freedom.  I get two weeks off, but that’s only just enough time to recuperate, especially because I work full-time.

My classes weren’t difficult, and I maintained an A+ in each of them throughout the semester, so I wasn’t concerned about exams.  I was very excited about my final project for my poetry class, which was turning in a bound, cover-art-bearing copy of all the poems I wrote during the term:

Next step: fame.

I'm practically a published author now!

I spent hours choosing the cover art (which is by Katie Hoffman, a very talented artist out of Denver), organizing the poems, editing them to make them the best I could, and figuring out how the hell to print two-sided properly.

But the end of the semester was painfully anti-climactic.  My expectations were modest:  fanfare, a cheering crowd waiting in the parking lot, tears and hugs from my professors who would surely miss me and my work so much over the summer, other students lining up to get my contact information so they could take classes in brown-nosery from me.  Is that really too much to ask??

But no, it was like so many other things in life.  So many mountains you climb expecting to find a summit where you can lord over the valley on all sides below, but are instead greeted by a modest plateau, and another peak waiting to be scaled just a short hike away.


4 thoughts on “Disappointment, College-Style

  1. And when you think you’ve summited, you find that you’re really only halfway up, and this damned climb never really *does* end.

    Good job, by the way. As my teenage almost-stepson would say, you totally owned this semester. Been watching all winter, and damn.

  2. Krista!
    I received your booklet in the mail today and was just chuffed- you are a wonderful poet!

    I love finding out that what I have indulged in more than once but thought did not have name in fact does: flarf. Did you coin it?

    I so love that you wrote poems for two of my favorite painters, Bacon and Diebenkorn. “In Favor of Abandon” is my personal favorite of all these poems on first reading, but your stuff demands reading and rereading. I may change my mind:)

    Thank you so much for this gift.


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  4. Thank you so much, Katie, and thanks for the use of your art.

    I did *not* coin the word “flarf,” it was shared with me by my poetry professor, David Lee Dodd. There’s an article about it here: http://artvoice.com/issues/v7n12/introducing_flarf#SlideFrame_0.

    I had a great time putting that little book together, and I can’t wait to take another poetry class in the fall to further push my creative limits. Hopefully I’ll write a few things between now and then, too, which I’ll post on this blog. Perhaps I’ll be in touch for cover art when I actually publish for the first time!


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