Thoughts on the Supposedly Upcoming Armageddon

Let’s suppose the extremists are right, Obama is the Anti-Christ, and the passage of the healthcare bill is one more step closer to Armageddon.

I’m not sure why that is cause for hysteria.

Supposedly, anybody who believes that is true is already “right with God.” They would, therefore, have nothing to fear from the coming of Armageddon. In fact, it should be a joyful occasion. The Rapture will be a time of joy and, well, rapture, for saved Christians.

Further, fear and hysteria are completely irrelevant in the face of Armageddon. Running around screaming about the healthcare bill bringing on Armageddon isn’t going to help anyone prepare for the second coming. Posting “F*** you, Obama, you SOCIALIST F****” on Facebook isn’t making anyone any more likely to ascend into Heaven on the Day of Reckoning. I’m pretty sure stocking up on ammunition isn’t going to protect anybody when the Devil walks the Earth. And surely, even Republicans somehow managing to repeal the bill isn’t going to make the Four Horsemen turn around and go home.

It seems as though, if the election of Obama and the passage of healthcare reform are, in fact, signs of the end of the world, the appropriate reaction from people who believe that would be joy, prayer, and reflection on a life well-lived. So, I’ll leave you to that, then.


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